Mission statement:

I want to eradicate feline coronavirus (FCoV) and feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).

If you would like to support ending FIP, please donate to me and my research.

People often think that I am searching for a cure for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), but while a cure interests me, I am far more concerned about saving cats from becoming sick in the first place.  I want to eradicate feline coronavirus, to prevent cats from ever becoming ill with FIP.   If you share this goal and would like to support me and my research, (which does NOT involve deliberately infecting laboratory cats) please enrol for one of the subscription programs below.  Details of how to make a donation, without joining a support group, can be found at the foot of the page.

Memorial list of donors and the cats whose memories they honoured by making a donation to FIP research: this is where your cat's name is if you have donated, please scroll to the end of the table or do a search for your, or your cat's, name

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How you can support my work without making a monetary donation

What my donations were / are used for


Make a donation

Every so often, people ask how to make a donation to FIP research. If you would like to make a donation, you may do so using any of the following methods:



Bank transfer


Amazon voucher



Use this button to make a donation in Pounds Sterling -


Use this button to make a donation in US dollars -


Use this button to make a donation in Euros -



Donations to fund Dr Addie directly can be made by Bitcoin, sending to the Bitcoin address: 1HDvzFkutTTtWGAy2DcDWtj1ghTfYFLwR9  Please email Dr Addie at draddie[at] catvirus [dot] com  to let her know that you’ve made a Bitcoin subscription or donation, especially if your reason was so that she would examine your cat’s laboratory results or you want her to answer a veterinary query.  (Remember in the latter two cases to include your veterinary surgeon’s permission for her to communicate with you.)

Bank transfer

Bank transfer

To set up a regular bank transfer: email Dr Addie at draddie [at] catvirus [dot] com for bank details and please let her know which currency you’d prefer to pay in.

American donors direct to the University of Glasgow please contact Dr Melvyn Pond - melvynpond[at]aol.com - of the AAGU, to specify that your donation is for Dr Addie's FIP research. See the following link for further details.




Cheques in GBP can be mailed to Dr Lesley Nicolson, University of Glasgow Veterinary School, Bearsden Road, Glasgow G61 1QH, United Kingdom (UK) with a covering letter saying that the funds are to be used for FIP research only. Please email me if you have sent a cheque and wish your cat's name to be included in the memorials.

Amazon voucher

Amazon voucher gifts to support Dr Addie personally are always welcome and can be sent to e-books [at] catvirus [dot] com


Angelica was a natural mink Tonkinese cat dearly beloved of Mr. Wayne Carr, from the USA. When Angelica died, Mr. Carr made a generous donation to my research into feline coronavirus and feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).

When you donate, please indicate whether you would like your name to be added to the list of donors. Please tell me if your donation is in loving memory of a cat who was special to you, and whether or not you’d like his or her name mentioned in the list below (you might like to include your web site URL or a link to a tribute blog, YouTube video or Facebook page you may have done for your cat).


Wayne Carr Angelica

Melisa Johnston-Pratt


Valerie Black

Wee Willie Wallace

Val MacQueen


Katja Jacob

Kalian the Fair

Lars and Andrea Klores


Renata Fernandes


Laura Frazier


Dorothy S. Dady


Daniella Thompson


Laura Laff


Mr and Mrs Sutphin


Rona Kennedy


Dan Doty


Sue Startin


Nada and Karim Makarem


Sue and Graeme Davison

Martouf and Khepra

Jean and Fred Kahan

Tommy Meadow (a human who loved cats and worked tirelessly to raise funds for FIP research)

Nicola Ridings


Alexander Hoffmeister


Rebecca Halstead


Mimi Hokenson

Autumn Rose

Kent Jaffe and Patricia Johnson


Belinda Stratton


Eleanor Dinnetz


Barbara Boys


Jurgen Muress


Andrew Smith

Baby Aero

Rob and Sandra Parsons


Pamela Anderson


Bobbie and Ray Cell, Karen and Eric Michaels and Sheila Bornmeier


Lorraine Leatham


Mel, Linda Petersen, L.G. du Toit, Melissa Passe, Betty Schrader


Angie Cims


Julie Plant


Deb Vitkova


Mr and Mrs Burgess


Valerie Bubb


Jose Adams


Donald A. Brokate


Johanna & Jeff Greeson Georgie
Julie Woodward & David Evans Amos
Valerie Fischer Lily
Claire Hirsch Neo
Joanne Bell Bailey

Michael Beazel

Elijah Owen

Susan Swain Willie
Natasha Crumpler Daisy
Nicole Gilman Hobbes Marsden
Alice Lindsay Freddie
Gary Prendergast Elmo
Elizabeth Quevedo Fiona
Wineke van Griensven Pino

Emily Wilmot

Clifford the Big Red Cat

Martha Mackenzie Bruce
Ronna Penner Rags
Brian Grieve Kyia and Morillo
Maureen Duffy (mum) Bruce
Lisa Duffy Bruce
Maureen Duffy (daughter) Bruce
Monica Butera Bobo
Elaine Cox Smudge of Liverpool
Karen Gray Baby Blue Emi
Carly Jo Ryan Alice
Marc Spunt Dash
Mitch Ward & Carla Sollai Hugo
Dave Dyer Theo, only 5 months old
Lindsay Riddick and Dr Richard Meadows In loving memory of Gulliver
Cassidy Hobie
Leo Mestel Spike and Tiddles Jackson
Tricia Yee Pippa
Dodds Gizmo and Fred
Alisha Rayson Mitsi
Isabel Galera Sammy
Elizabeth Henrickson Spencer
Elizabeth Peters Tiger
Kate Trend Leah and Shadow
Holly Ellmaker In memory of our well loved kitten, Mary Jane
LaRayne Haakenson Shorty and Savannah
Abbey Tidball In memory of Billy Tidball, British Blue 9 months
Patrick Crompton In loving memory of Little Lilly - Loved & missed terribly by Patrick, Lisa, Billy & Tilly
Rebecca Leach Sydney
Louellyn and Wilde Duncan Xavier
Lynn Watchel Pip
Jenny Graves In loving memory of Felix
Terri Smithson Memorial to Izzy who died of FIP on 3-20-09 at 1-1/2 years. We miss you, baby boy!
Janet Erwin In memory of A O
Deborah Cain In memory of Josie and Jaxon Jo
Fiona Read In memory of Roxy Diamond
Mitch Ward In memory of Hugo 6 months and a year on
Linda Reid In memory of Chaos

Brigitte Dubois


Chapo, chat norvégien né le 12 mai 2007, décédé le 18 mars 2008 à l'âge de 10 mois.

Avec tous ceux qui t'ont aimé, je gardais l'espoir que tu guérisses. Toi et moi nous nous sommes battus contre cette maladie qui emporte les jeunes chats, sans pitié. Mais elle a finalement eu raison de ta vie.
Tu t'es éteint chez le vétérinaire et je garde le souvenir d'un chat affectueux et tendre, le rythme à travers l'oreiller de ton petit coeur battant, quand tu dormais à côté de moi, paisible et apaisant.
Chapo mon petit ange, tu emportes avec toi tout l'amour que l'on t'a donné.
Tu m'as épargné la terrible décision, pourtant, je regretterai toujours de n'avoir pu te serrer dans mes bras lorsque tu t'es endormi....

Diane Adams In memory of dear little Loopy Lou, 03/09/07 - 09/04/09
Susan Balvanz Gracie
Kaltoum Boudouaia
Sue and Claude Bertozzo Kahlua Blue
Barbara Fruschi Lennier
Peggy Dettwiler & Jurgen Thym Sullivan (our beautiful Siamese for 10 years)
Kate Trend

Leo... my beloved bengal.. a void that cannot be filled xx
Leo, roam free with Shadow and Leah on the wildside

Justine and John Digweed In memory of Bentley Digweed
Jayne Houldsworth Our iittle Princess Lily
Jill Sharpe Samuel
Deborah Reddington In memory of Bengal
Mitch Ward Still honoring Hugo's memory, December 2009
Natasha Crumpler For FIP research in memory of Daisy whom I lost to FIP in 2006
Jill Vermeulen In memory of Tio Vermeulen 11/05/05 to 01/04/10
Lisa Paciello In memory of Lucy and Rocco
Francesco Giovannoni Donation to fip research in memory of Felix
Megan Stevenson In memoriam of Winny
Zoe Croad and Colin Bass In loving memory of Titus
Tkahti In memory of Patso, the Savannah kitten
Margaret Field In memory of Pumpkin
Vicenta Rose In memory of our beloved cat Ra.
Nicola Cox In loving memory of Ollie RIP 24/02/2010 I miss you so much
Sue Dewhurst In loving memory of sweet little Mitch
Pamela Sparrow In loving memory of Dakota who died of the wet form of fip and Pierce who died of the dry form of fip both aged 9months
Len Troy In memory of Sophia
Terri Brooks Donation for Tom from Mummy and Daddy. 'John and Terri.   In memory of little Tom who was taken from us too soon, when he was only 21 months, we love an miss him and hope he is happy at Rainbow Bridge'. 
Nigel Davies In memory of Tom Brooks
Gabriella Bertoni  
Finn Frode Hansen In memory of my brave Ivanhoe, who lost this battle.
Natasha Crumpler August 2010 - still honoring Daisy's memory
Natalie Edwards In loving memory of Chief Chirpa Chipmunk Chutney
Richard and Malinda Van Dorp In memory of little Lucy
Susan Slusser Donation for FIP research in honor of Moon Brown
Richard Shaw In loving memory of Chief Chirpa Chipmunk Chutney and his little wiggle. We miss you.
Rick French In loving memory of Teddie and Pixie
Lisa Williams In memory of foster kittens: Bella, Yodi, and Sir Gwayne
Debbie Castle In loving memory of Ronnie
Joyce Caldwell For darling Mosby (July 2009 - 11 Nov 2010): forever in my heart
Su Startin Another donation in memory of Evander (Nov 2010)
Eva Wennman Vi inkluderas i listan av givare! Vi heter Djurkedjan. In memory of 3 Djurkedjan cats
Lola Wärn Mohamad
In loving memory of Gibson
Alicia & Peter Rouse In loving memory of Bella
Heather Beauregard
To Max, In Memory of Winnie
Sue Dewhurst A Christmas donation in memory of sweet little Mitch, who would have loved snow and all things sparkly
Mitch Ward In memory of Hugo, 2 years on.
Frances Bailey Woody 21st Dec 2010; Brushy 23rd Apr 2011; Tinky 19th Jul 2011; and Bella 22nd Sep 2011
Nilofar Zameni In memory of Romeo my baby
Laurie McLarty In memory of Winnie
Lauren Peone In memory of Monster who died of FIP
Elizabeth Dubreuil
Sweet Woodruff the rescued Persian, who died of FIP, but lives on in our hearts.
Scott Schieber
Jeremy and Gerri Kleinberg In loving memory of dear Holden
Clare Critten In loving memory of my beautiful Tiah
Sandra Fagg  
Debbie Radley Soully - In memory of my beautiful black velvet friend whom I lost to FIP in February 2011.  I will never forget you my gorgeous boy.
Mitch Ward In memory of Hugo, still missed 2.5 years on
Susan A. Cadile In memory of Jordan - saved from a shelter only to be lost to FIP
Erika Reinhart  
Son Nguyen In Loving Memory of Choco Ball
Canan and Thomas Mühlberg We have lost a little big Friend - her name was Lilly
Rob and Sandra Parsons Another donation in loving memory of Sophie
Laura Yerrick In memory of Chip, Ash, Brad, and Rafiki
Gareth John Evans In memory of my gorgeous boy, hope u can find a cure one day x
Anthony Marotta From Ping & Pong-A pair of multi-toed cats diagnosed with Corona Virus 5 years ago and doing well
Gemma Thomson  

Heather Twidle, Jennifer Loggans, Julie Bristow, Andrea Hoeschen, Katherine Brennand, Kristen Heath, Laura Herrera, Cathy Pendergast, Ayla Khan, Stefani Osborne, Laurin Buchanan, Lucy Chapman, LeeAnn Healey (inspired by a lovely cat called Darcy), Carol Roth, Kelsey McCarey, Suzanne Marchak, Suzanne Rebert, Kirsty Powell, Daniela Rudloff, Gair Booth, Amanda Cotten, Rose-Marie Aronsson, Barbara Stephenson, Joanne Leighton, Janet Evans, Joyce Carpenter, Lynne Dudurich, Kristine Elliot, Loretta Sheerin Harrison (made possible by awesom Ravelers!)


In August of 2011, catvirus.com was inundated with donations in memory of a cat called Darcy, much beloved by Heather Twidle.



Michelle Girvan In loving memory of Olly born July 2010, died May 2011
Mrs P. Neale In loving memory of Boris Neale (died 19 July 2011) age 15 months and Wesley Neale (died 10th Aug 2011) age 18 months.
Dr Dimitrios Nikolopoulos Socksy - who didn't have FIP after all - and lived to tell the tale!
Caroline Gooch


Elmyra Nala (29/11/10 - 18/03/11), Elmyra Simba (29/11/10 - 24/04/11) & Elmyra Mowgli (29/11/10 - 10/12/11)

Sue Startin    
Joanne Brown and Gary Dobbs In loving memory of baby Coco  
Tatiana Malkova    
Kayla Ryan    
Andrew Kunde In loving memory of Shadow, 6 months old and dearliy missed. You will never be forgotten.  
Cora's family In loving memory of Cora. December 2011  
Susan Slusser    
Finn Frode Hansen Memorial to Ivanhoe, who lost this battle a year ago.  
Sally Taylor In memory of Honey Morris (Sarah & James Morris)  
Susan Lumley In memory of Honey  
Nicole Sanford    
Eleanor Gough For my friends Sarah & James in memory of their cat Honey  
Helen Beale    
Katherine Brennand For Tiberius  
Jennifer Loggens In honor of Tiberius  
Claire Dixon In loving memory of Honey-puss  
Elizabeth Yoder In memory of Nutmeg and Topper  
Sue Dewhurst (Dec 2010, Jan 2012 and Dec 2012)

For our sweet Mitch, with love.

In memory of Mitch, Christmas 2011.

Dec 12: Christmas donation for our sweet Mitch.

Jean Sebastien Schuller and Agnes Montgomery In loving memory of Sparrow  
Roberto Bona    
Agnes Montgomery    
Amandine Buisson    
Mitch Ward In memory of Hugo, Christmas 2011  
Laura Lichtenberger For Edgar  
Pilar Anton Castellanos    
Thi Nguyen For two much loved cats  
Katherine Brennand For Heather's Salem  
Lamberto Cesari    

Ivone Lesan

Marc Molina

To see photos of Lia go to http://lia-aei.tumblr.com/ - but I warn you - they're heartbreaking!  

Richard Hart

Richard wrote: "To Help with the great research."

Karin Niehoff In loving memory of Silvo  
Samantha Landis    
Irene Gerritsen    
Michal Ginter In memory of Ctirad. We lost him to FIP on June 13, 2012.

Linda Shergold In loving memory of Dylan  
Dana and Laurentiu Paulet In loving memory of Alex, our baby angel, with such little paws and cute, soft nose, who made us love him so much and left too soon, much too soon...We will always miss you!  
Zineera Seth In loving memory of Lucy, 6 months
Ingrid Chirino Barcelo Misha Pelusi  
Julie Paisley Donation in loving memory for Leo beloved companion of Zinoosh Farbod  
Susan Walkowiak In memory of Baby who died of FIP
Susan Gingrich    
Karineric Simberlie Grande Melanie  
Cassandra Hallberg Donation to FIP resarch in honor of Tomten
Ruairi Patterson    
Star In loving memory of Sasha  
Noé et Benjamin Schwarz


Sue and Eric In memory of Stan  
Arseny Krasikov    
Yvonne Cunningham In loving memory of Bella  
Julia Miles
In memory of beautiful Raf  
Ilenia Zilli
Judith Crompton In memory of Meggie and Emily
Andrea Hoeschen In loving memor of Magnus  
Heather Twidle In fond memory of Magnus, much loved by Leslie, who was so kind when I lost Darcy.
Jennifer Loggans For Magnus  
Megan Hockwalt
Anouk Ramseier    
Michelle Girvan    
Marta Alice Ollivier For my beloved cat Puff
Cassandra Hallberg Still thinking of Tomten  
Takeda Kaori Donation Kaori for kitten KAMUI
Angela Stoel    
Samuele Barbieri



David Carr FIP Donation on behalf of Jason Fairless
Serena Holly and Thomas Norman    
Rob & Sandra Parsons In loving memory of Sophie. In our lives all too briefly but always in our hearts. We miss you.
SueAnn Berry donated twice In loving memory of Hurley  
Nancy Welty In memory of Hurley  
Mary Berry In loving memory of SueAnn Berry's cat named Hurley
Jennifer Simper In memory of Siena
Sue Dewhurst, Feb 2014 In loving memory of sweet Mitch  
Laura Moss For Oscar  
Kristina Morongova    
Joseph Licata    
Qinwen Fan No FIP - just helping out  
Sheena McDermott In memory of Poppins
Adrian Luca Donation in memory of our beloved Boris. We will always remember you
Caroline MacDivitt FIP research donation in memory of Keva Macdivitt
Stilla Messer    
Claire Campbell    
Filiz CoÅŸku Saral    
Kate Bevan    
Suzanne Jones For Phoebe and Storm
John Miller In loving memory of Sparky "Little" - John Miller & Ivonne Cintron http://imgur.com/GE4sgvF
Lena Gubarev For Sean, in hope he will be the next cured one
Laura Stolfi    
Rebecca Straughan From Becky with kind help and donations from Kat, Jenni and Swanbridge Vets. In loving memory of Theodore and Barnaby xxx
Chantelle Cooksey    
Dawn Virginia Davies  
Laura Border    
Notts & Derbys Cat Club, Mary Uzupa
Maria Bonino A year on, missing Luca every day  
Dorothy Adair Picasso 4/5/12 - 14/9/14  
Monica Agatensi Her 4 beautiful cats do not have FIP but she made a donation just the same!
Lindy Mcchesney-Tilley Thank you Lindy for running a marathon for FIP research in memory of your dear little RSPCA kitten!
Jason Vogt  
Flavia Vighini In loving memory of my sweet Evita, born on April, 3rd and died on September, 29th.
Lisa Phillips In memory of Oscar
Emma Bennett  
Inez Thomson In memory of Lufti, a one year old Egyptian Mau who died from FIP
Anna Wholey
In memory of Luca
Barbara Boys In memory of Sasha
Deanna Parkin
Elvina Smith Dedicated to the memory of Misty-Blue who died of wet FIP in December 2014 & Ãnna who died of dry FIP in January 2015
Nancy Lo  
Edward Meinert In memory of Simba
Kerry Bunyan In loving memory of Madi
Harley Gribben
Nat Hemasilpin
Sandra MinuzzoFIPBritishBluekitten

Whisper, a beautiful British Blue, left me because of the FIP


Baptiste Julien  
Harley Gribben My cat is 1.5 years old and has coronavirus. I hope there will be a cure for FIP so no cat has to suffer
Anonymous Thank you SO much, you know who you are
Arthur Sass  
Cristina Mena Gómez
David Ford To honour the memory of Luca Bonino
Padra McIntosh FIP research donation in the name of Amun Morley
Caroline MacDivitt
In memory of Keva MacDivitt
Maria Bonino In memory of Luca. Started showing FIP clinical signs two years ago and transitioned 25 days later.
Linda Peskin
B van Herpen De Baak, Annet van den Oever
In loving memory of Sjakie, sadly taken by FIP aged only 9 months
Spyridon Terzakis  
Faye Thomassen Sadly we lost our dear kitten, Bella, to wet FIP
Mirela Mlinarec  
Gillian Tiltman In memory of our beloved Freddie. We will always love you and will see you on that Rainbow Bridge my baby boy.
Kenny Burgess  
Maria Del Carmen San Jose  
Rose Arjol-Condà  
Stacy Wilder For Rascal Velvet and Eli, a good kitty who passed in 2001. We still miss you many years later.
Carina Gauggel  
Nicki Sysum In memory of Gilby. Much loved and sadly missed.
Monica Agatensi  
Anna Herve  
C MacDivitt In memory of Keva MacDivitt (died 30.5.13 aged 6 months)
Hanne Cuyle  
With love from Dora, Luis and Beca In memory of our baby boy, Chico.
Samira Boumsik In memory of my friend Laura's cat, Leo
Jim Powers
We lost 2 cats, a brother and sister, Willie and Tinkerbell. Willie died in 2009 and Tinkerbell August 2016.
Maria Teresa Monleon Aymerich, Spain Donation sent with Dr Kristofer Erickson
C MacDivitt Another donation in memory of Keva MacDivitt, lost to FIP aged 6 months
Sandra Japs Donation in memory of Sophie
Sally Goodman Donation for Nicola at Xmas
Rebecca Azhir In loving memory of Hero, my best friend and soulmate. Died from wet fip at 14 months. I will miss and love you forever. I hope xxx
Wendy Massiah In memory of our beloved Flump
Liane Bott


In loving Memory of Cid (age 10 months) and Lerian (age 8 months). Our time together was short but not less magical.

Sophie Wallace In memory of my beautiful Susan (age 6 months)
Stacey Wilder I would like memorialize Rascal Velvet Wilder-a sweet kitty we lost in 2008 and Eli, a good kitty, who passed in 2011
Zer0 For Laura's cat Leo
Jennifer Kwan Jennifer - your message got cut off - please let me know who this is in loving memory of .....
Martina Kuntic In memory of Axel, a beautiful, lovely, British Shorthair kitten
Nicki Sysum Another donation in Gilby's name: February 2017


From Rod and Hayley

In loving memory of Quintus, our little trooper, who lost his fight aged 11 months.

Joseph Lobsinger and Andrea Gorgas In loving memory of Storm, our beloved Siberian Forest Cat who c
Mrs Heloise Karpetas In loving memory of Boogenhagen
Susan Gingrich In loving memory of Bria
Vivienne Pyatt
In memory of George (GP)
Sophie Wallace (2nd donation) In memory of beautiful little Susan (died at only 6 months)
Pets' Kitchen Ltd Donation from Vet's Klinic
Estelle Katsimani In loving memory of Jasmine, our gorgeous Silver Bengal who we left us at just 12 months due to wet FIP. Nothing loved is ever
Melanie Lakey This donation is in honor of my Lego kitty, who died of FIP in October 2017.
Maria Bonino Honoring Luca every month and especially October 2017: 4 years on
Laura Wolfenson In loving memory of Crístor
Nicki Sysum In memory of Gilby. 2 years on x
Tonya Burdine In memory of Amberlina (Amber)
Aleah Goss Rest in Paradise, my sweet angel. I love you forever, Vader.
Andrea Gorgas From Joe and Andrea in memory of Storm

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Research Funding

Funding for FCoV/FIP research is very difficult to find and I am immensely grateful to those generous individuals who have given what they can for research.

I refuse to experiment on cats, so all my FIP research has been done on naturally infected cats: I am immensely grateful to the cats themselves, to their generous guardians who have permitted samples to be sent to our laboratory, and to their veterinary surgeons for taking the time and trouble to prepare and mail samples.  


What have I done with your donations and grants?

For three decades I’ve studied feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) and come to the conclusion that the search for a cure is like closing the door after the horse has bolted: most FIP cats are just too sick to be fixed, plus some cats go through torture in the attempt to reach a diagnosis.  How about we stop the cat getting infected in the first place? (You can read my blog on this subject on Steemit: please vote it up.) I have demonstrated that quarantine and FCoV antibody testing can prevent FCoV being introduced into a group of cats (Addie et al, 2012). The next step was to find out which FCoV antibody tests were adequately sensitive to enable effective screening: see my paper Addie et al, 2015. The following projects are towards this goal.

Cat litter to reduce FCoV infection: funding from this website enabled a comparison of cat litters for anti-coronavirus activity, I found that commercially available cat litters had widely differing abilities to neutralise coronavirus in the laboratory - but would they make any difference in the field? Choosing a litter which had coronavirus activity and subjectively was assessed to track less than most litters, a preliminary study has recently been completed and a study in a cat shelter is about to begin to assess whether the litter can affect virus transmission in a real life situation.

Carrier cats: people whose cats were identified as healthy lifelong carriers kindly allowed me to post-mortem the cats when they died. I have been looking in the tissues of these cats to locate the virus, this work is ongoing. I am grateful to Fermin Simons of the University of Utrecht for his help and advice in this. Currently we are identifying healthy shedder cats and attempting to help them eliminate the virus.

FCoV resistant cats: the Orion Foundation funded preliminary work looking at the genes which govern immunity in the cat, this pilot study was published in the April edition of JFMS 2004. On this occasion, no marker was found, though interesting differences in the numbers of these genes was found in different cat breeds.

Equipment - donations from the Angelica Trust have supplied a freezer and microscope, amongst other items, specifically for FIP research.

Donations for FIP research will be / were used for the following:

To buy the chemicals needed to do the experiments to discover more about natural feline coronavirus infection and FIP.

Donations so far have enabled the purchase of a PCR machine, microscope (thank you Loretta!) and -80oC freezer (thank you Steve!)

To follow naturally infected cats and, with the help of their humans, eliminate this virus from the cats. This will involve taking samples of faeces, saliva and occasionally blood.

To perform post mortems on naturally infected cats who have partaken of surveys or treatment trials and to then cremate their bodies and return the ashes to the people who loved them.

To do a properly controlled international study of different FIP treatment protocols, (this will cost several thousand pounds and I’d need to employ a veterinary PhD student to help with the work).

We assessed available FCoV antibody tests so that the best could be identified for use in eradicating FCoV, and therefore FIP and to discourage the use of poor FCoV antibody tests. The results of this study were published in JFMS in 2015 and can be found on the FCoV antibody page of this website.

To continue producing educational material to aid the eradication of FCoV, and therefore FIP.

Please note my research involves only naturally infected cats, not experimental cats or experiments on any other kind of animals.

Research papers published so far which acknowledge funding from Angelica Trust Fund:

1. Addie DD, McDonald M, Audhuy S, Burr P, Hollins J, Kovacic R, Lutz H, Luxton Z, Mazar S, Meli M.  2012 Quarantine protects Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Cats from Feline Coronavirus Infection.  JFMS  14 2  171-176

2. Meli ML, Burr P, Decaro N, Graham E, Jarrett O, Lutz H, McDonald M, Addie DD. 2013 Samples with high virus load cause trend towards lower signal in feline coronavirus antibody tests. 15 4 295 – 299

3. Addie DD, le Poder S,  Burr P, Decaro N, Graham E, Hofmann-Lehmann R, Jarrett O, McDonald M, Meli ML. 2015  The utility of feline coronavirus antibody tests J Feline Med Surg 17(2):152-62.

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A big thank you to those who have contributed to FIP research!

I would like to dedicate this website with gratitude to the many people and cats who volunteered to be part of my research surveys.  I thank the many grant awarding bodies (see below) and individuals for funding my research in the past and Su Startin and Loretta Bartolucci who, having already enabled the purchase of a splendid microscope, are currently raising much-needed funds for another freezer! Big thanks for recent superb donation to everybody on the Cat-lendar team: Ilaria Isaia for having the ingenious idea; Lorena Migliaccio who did the graphics; Cristina Cattania for taking care of the orders and to Barbara Fruschi who promoted the sales. And another huge thank you goes to Bengals Illustrated for a whopping donation summer 2009.

Thank you to the Devon Rex Breed Club of America for a big donation in April 2006 and the Siamese and Oriental Online Club for raising money in June 2006! Thank you Susanne, for your fundraising website, FIP Support, and the fantastic donations you made in 2005 and 2006!

I am grateful to the Wellcome Trust, Cats Protection, the Robert Daubney Fund of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the Clinical Studies Trust Fund, the Feline Virus Unit for funding my PhD and previous studies of naturally-occurring feline coronavirus infection and FIP. I thank the Morris Animal Foundation for funding a project to attempt to identify unique markers of coronavirus infected cells. I am especially grateful to Pfizer for a generous donation of $25,000 which enabled me to take on an assistant part-time for one year (2004). I am grateful to the Winn Foundation for a grant which allowed 5 months of research into carrier cats in 2003. I am also extremely grateful to the Orion Foundation for moral support (thank you Mel Amundson and Pat Klein), and for a huge donation of almost $13,000 in 2003! Thank you Orion! Many thanks also to individuals and the Scottish, Northern Counties and Yorkshire Cat Clubs who made donations in 2005 and 2003. Thank you to all donors for your generosity. Thank you to Lorraine Twyman and the Norsk Skogkattring for setting up an internet auction (see the lovely certificate they sent). Thank you Dorothy, for your wonderful contribution of getting people to sponsor you during Lent. And last but not least - thank you to the anonymous donors - you know who you are - who have been so very generous.

Click here to download the January 2005 newsletter.


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Join the EndFIP Facebook group

Do you want to play an active role in ensuring that no cat ever again develops FIP? Then join the End FIP group.

The End FIP group supports work and research towards eradicating FCoV and FIP by people who do NOT want their funds to be used for experimentally infecting cats in the laboratory. This group is limited to 100 members: its purpose is to support Dr Addie personally (i.e. to provide a salary to free up her time to dedicate to FIP research); to fund her research and to provide a service to the members themselves.  One way of dealing with the overwhelming amount of emails Dr Addie receives is to have a subscription service: members of this group will be more likely to have their queries answered personally than will non-members, especially if the group moderator flags their case to me.  Imagine if your cat was diagnosed with FIP and you wish you’d taken out this subscription?

  • for those who have paid for a year in advance, provided their veterinary surgeons give consent, up to 3 sets of laboratory results / clinical history will be analysed to establish whether or not a cat truly has FIP (more analysis interpretation may be given depending on circumstance)
  • for those who have paid for a year in advance, provided their veterinary surgeons give consent, Dr Addie will work alongside the veterinary surgeons to help determine the best course of treatment for cats with FIP, analysing laboratory results, up to a maximum of 8 emails in the year
  • membership of the exclusive End FIP Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1623039167989625/) which Dr Addie will attend live on, from time to time
  • veterinary surgeon and technician members will have an option of discounted CE / CPD
  • email newsletters
  • members of this group will be the first to know when any clinical trials open up that require volunteers
  • priority placement on the reserve list for the inner circle on a first come, first served basis
  • members will be able to transfer their membership to other people, if they wish to do so
  • members get to influence Dr Addie’s next work output by voting on what they would like to see her produce next: choosing between scientific paper writing; YouTube video; website page update; veterinary surgeon education, etc.etc.
  • members will receive a relevant free  e-book as and when they are written

These are the activities of Dr Addie that you will be supporting:

  • Scientific research to forward her FCoV/FIP eradication dream
  • Providing materials to educate veterinarians
  • Providing materials to educate the public
  • Updating the website and keeping it and the video channels advertisement free
  • Making new educational YouTube videos
  • Answering queries from veterinary surgeons
  • Answering queries from cat guardians

Cost: 25 euros per month or 250 euros per year (or the equivalent in your currency) . Subscribers get to choose whether they want their funds to fund Dr Addie and the upkeep of this website and the Facebook page directly (Paypal to e-book [at] catvirus [dot] com, Bitcoin, Amazon vouchers, bank transfer, cheque) or for the research (pay by bank transfer, cheque, Paypal to diane[dot]addie [at] gla [dot] ac [dot] uk or using any of the Paypal buttons above).

To set up a regular bank transfer to either Dr Addie herself or to the University of Glasgow Veterinary School: email Dr Addie at draddie [at] catvirus [dot] com for bank details and please let her know which currency you’d prefer to pay in.

EndFIP associate member and reserve/waiting list
There is no limit to the number of members in this group: it is the same as the group above but without the discounted CPD / CE and priority email reply options.  Members of this group will have priority in joining the EndFIP or Inner Circle groups, if they wish, when vacancies arise. Members of this group will be directly supporting research into FCoV eradication and ending FIP, without use of laboratory cats.

  • membership of the specialised End FIP Facebook group but only full EndFIP members will be likely to receive personal comments on their posts or chat time with Dr Addie
  • email newsletters
  • members get to influence Dr Addie’s next work output by voting on what they consider the most important aspect of her work: choosing between scientific paper writing; YouTube video; website page update; veterinary surgeon education, etc.etc.
  • members will have priority option to upgrade to either of the other two groups as and when vacancies become available

Cost: 10 euros per month or 100 euros per year: to be paid by bank transfer, Bitcoin, Paypal or Amazon vouchers.


How you can support my work without making a monetary donation

True democracy is at work on certain websites, where becoming a follower or upvoting my videos can help further my goal:

YouTube: my channel is DrDianeDAddie

Steemit: follow my blogs on @catvirus

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